Labels & Titles

First published OCTOBER 25, 2013

Hipster. WASP. Prep. Celebrity. Nerd. Salesman. Actor. Musician. Designer. Engineer. Employee. Boss. Gangster. Slut. Friend. Lover. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Ex. Jew. Catholic. Buddhist. Atheist. Mother. Father. Brother…

labels & titles.

Why do we let these words define so much of who we are? Filled with emotions, thoughts, personalities, feelings and reactions – rational or irrational, we’re a complex species.  We are deeper than the titles thrust upon us by peers, employers, friends and strangers.

The world is full of people telling each other they should limit themselves to the bounds of a particular label. “You can’t do ‘X’ because you are ‘Y’”. Labels stifle creativity and freedom. They inhibit our drive to break boundaries, question conventions, and live a well-rounded life. Execution and progress is difficult enough without the limitations we cast on each other.

Don’t confine yourself to a label that directly defines and limits your unique character.

Creative. Brilliant. Loving. Charming. Sexy. Kind. Funny. Cruel. Snarky. Clever. Cunning. Animated. Beautiful. Dull. Strategic. Shy. Philosophical. Adventurous. Reasonable. Innocent. Guilty. Trustworthy. Radiant. Inspiring.

Self-identify with the adjectives.