Game On.

**First Published MARCH 10, 2013

I recently heard that my generation will supposedly accumulate less wealth overall than my parents generation. Be it the economy, work ethics, etc there are enough things against us to make that a reality. However, increased access to information and knowledge should make finding the right opportunity (based on our interests/skills) and being prepared to tackle that opportunity easier. In the end it’s a matter of what game(s) you choose to play.

Corporate game: Like playing snakes and ladders. Your essentially rolling the dice and leaving it to a fate that your boss controls. It’s even more difficult to control your own succes in our current economy with mass layoffs, etc.

Internet Startup game: Like building a puzzle as fast as possible. It’s a matter of finding the right pieces and putting them together in some semblance of an order – getting ahead of yourself, working on the wrong sections or choosing the wrong pieces can be deadly for your career and worse your company.

Marriage game: the search for a husband or wife more wealthy than ourselves. An unfortunate reality of our society but true nonetheless.

Small business game: maybe like a game of Risk? Time and costs to setup are high, its difficult to expand your territory quickly, very few actually make it through the whole game to grow to their true potential.

Solo (freelance) game: Like running a marathon, you’re mostly on your own competing with the other runners, depending on the people on the sidelines for support. When one race ends, another begins.

And then some people just play the lottery.