not my desk job.

I’ve always had an interest in platforms that enable stronger connections between businesses and consumers. Most of my career has been rooted in a fundamental belief that the internet will continue to make these connections possible - creating better experiences for consumers and new business models for brands.

I’ve worked for a number of startups all focused in different ways on this idea. I spent time in the early days of Foursquare (~30 employees) working to onboard large chain-stores (e.g. wal-mart, taco bell, target, etc) alongside mom-and-pop venues and helping to promote some of Foursquare's first local business tools.

After a brief stint at TechStars cutting my teeth writing seed & series A pitch decks among other projects, I joined ChatID (now called Welcome), as the first employee and head of biz dev. Our vision at ChatID was to enable consumers to chat with businesses anywhere on the web - social networks, ad units, retail websites, and more. My role took on responsibilities ranging from raising capital from tier 1 investors, launching our first two products, establishing the business model, selling into Fortune 500 brands and retailers, and growing our team.

Ultimately I left ChatID, joining Spring in 2013 when the company was still fewer than 10 employees. Our mission is to reinvent retail to create lasting connections between customers and the brands they love most. My early focus was on building the supply side of our marketplace with the world’s top fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle brands. Today, I serve as Chief of Staff, working closely with our CEO on company operations - investor relations, fundraising, product, strategic projects and more.

In my spare time you'll typically find me cycling around the city, listening to hip hop and going to shows, trying to find the best single food items in NY (b&w milkshakes, Americanos, southern biscuits, hushpuppies, bone marrow, etc), traveling as much as I can, and often working on one or more side projects - currently I'm a co-producer of a short film entitled "Watch Room". I also founded and lead the COS Tech Network, a unique group of Chiefs of Staff with members from prominent tech and media companies in NY.

Want to chat - just reach out.